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Apply for the Green Impact Assessment™ Certification by filling the ‘Get Started’ form. Once you have applied, our team will provide you with our Assessment Form to be filled in.

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A member of our team will contact you within one week to guide you through the application process.
Please follow the guidelines and be as thorough as possible.

Please carefully read our requirements and assessment categories:

  • Your business must be fully operational for at least four months
  • Have a functioning website
  • Provide a service/product/technology that positively affects climate and sustainability

⇨ Step 3

Sustainary will personally and thoroughly review your application and 1 – 2 weeks later, based on your performance, your solution will receive a report breaking down your score and Green Impact Seal to validate your product/service which is valid for 1 year. You then have the possibility of a 1-on-1 follow up consultation with guidance on how to improve, along with other additional benefits.

Additionally, you will benefit from becoming a member of the Sustainary community, opening the door to membership services on our community platform.


If your assessment fails to score a minimum G+, we’ll let you know what steps to take to resubmit the assessment.

Membership fees are not refundable as a result of a failed assessment; you can try again once you improve your sustainable practices.

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Established within 1 year


Turnover < €135,000


Turnover €135,000 – €250,000


Turnover €251,000 – €400,000


Turnover > €400,000

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Company with more than 50 employees

Renewal Pricing

Please note that your Green Impact Score and Green Impact Seal are valid for 1 year. In order to maintain Sustainary’s GIA certification, you must update your assessment annually by providing updated documentation to ensure that companies continue to uphold their solution’s life cycle and ESG impact as the business grows and develops. This also allows companies to set improved targets against the most up-to-date standards and benchmark their performance.

The price to renew your GIA certification after 1 year is 50% of the original price.

Membership package

By registering for the Green Impact Assessment, your company receives the additional benefit of becoming a member of the Sustainary community, opening the door to membership services on our community platform. The benefits of becoming a Sustainary Member can be seen below:

Human Shojaee

What’s included?


Green Impact Assessment with Green Impact Report and Green Impact Seal

Communication & branding package

Profile and Case study on the Green Impact Assessment Website

Part of Sustainary’s community platform

Discounts to our events

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