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The Green Impact Assessment Screening Tool:

Sustainary’s GIA Screening Tool is a fast way to:

  • Authenticate and Visualize a Green company’s green impact
  • Give Green Transitioning Companies direction in their journey

By completing the screening process, you will have access to immediate results on which Key Impact Area your company is thriving in, or needs to improve on.

Who is the GIA Screening Tool for?

Incubators and hubs wishing to screen applicants to see beyond greenwashing and set acceptance criteria

Green Companies wishing to quickly and easily visualize their Green Impact fingerprint

Companies that are transitioning to become more sustainable, for insight and guidance to adapt, learn, and do what it takes to become green

What is the GIA Screening Tool?

The screening questions have been designed to provide a short profile and overview of how companies have/are intending to create positive impact. Have they analysed their environmental and social impact? Are they aware of their value chain? These initial screening questions are vital in ensuring you understand the value of positive impact.


*The Screening Tool differs from the Green Impact Assessment. The GIA Screening Tool is a quick tool for visualizing your impact areas, while the Green Impact Assessment is a certification tool giving you in depth and personal analysis and feedback regarding your green impacts. With the Green Impact Assessment, you receive a Green Impact Score and are externally certified as a Green Impact company.